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About Us

Since our inception, Digital Document Solutions Inc has been focused on providing the best IT solutions, doing so with a high quality of customer service.

Austin Amuok founded Digital Document Solutions in San Antonio, Texas. With an educational background in Mathematics and Computing, Austin has constantly been intrigued by all things IT, and inspires his team to tackle IT problems with bold solutions. Since the beginning of DDS in 2005, the company has grown from strength to strength. Our strong focus on meeting client needs and requirements has helped us gain a wealth of experience in a wide range of IT solutions. We understand the value of our client’s information. We strive to provide the right information technology tools to maximize the value of that information. Supporting and securing that information with reliable network infrastructure ensures the dependable availability of that information.


Our people centric approach to designing our solutions ensures that the end product is not just efficient but also friendly to use. We have a diverse team of highly trained, certified computer consultants and engineers who pride themselves on staying current with the latest technologies. This is balanced by our in-depth industry expertise to ensure that our customers receive standardized, tested solutions for their specific requirements. With that end in mind we are constantly working on building strong relationships with carefully chosen technology partners.

Austin Portrait 2.jpg

Austin Amuok

Owner & CEO

Since 2005, Austin Amuok has guided the company's growth and has laser focused the DDS team's attention on customer care and agile IT solutions. 

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