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Employee Onboarding With

 Authorized Laserfiche Re-seller

Each day HR Managers face numerous challenges, but none more intense than recruitment and employee onboarding. Endless hours go into searching, identifying, interviewing, and recruiting the right talent. One notable time-consuming task is reviewing paper job applications. Why is this one notable? First of all, reviewing paper applications consumes valuable time, and runs the risk of documents being misplaced, making it inefficient and a security risk. But secondly, because this task doesn't have to be time-consuming! By utilizing an automated process, this task can be made quick, easy, and secure! Now enters Laserfiche.

Laserfiche Forms & Workflow is an electronic form and business process automation software being utilized by many businesses and corporations. By using Laserfiche forms, the hiring process can be made much more efficient. Let's take a look at the advantages of Laserfiche's paperless system.

  • Job applications are always legible and complete, since required fields prevent important information from being omitted.

  • Applications can be quickly and seamlessly passed to various employees for review. Because forms can be viewed easily on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, managers can review and act on them from any location.

  • Administrators can easily see the status of each application, allowing them to quickly eliminate bottlenecks

Feel like you're ready to go paperless? We at DDS have partnered with Laerfiche for years, and have taken every step to keep up with their amazing product. With our quality support, we can help make the transition to digital workflow as easy as possible. Let us help you transform your business! Contact us today for more information on Laserfiche Forms & Workflow, and for a free consultation. 


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