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Slack vs. Teams: Which is best for you?

Chat-based collaboration software is a must-have in today's business environment, with Slack and Microsoft Team the two leading options for the enterprise. The stakes couldn’t be higher — the pandemic made clear that remote work and collaboration are the future of business. Indeed, Microsoft has been touting Teams’ growing user numbers with great fanfare, citing 250 million active daily users as of July 2021. For its part, Slack has said its users are more actively engaged, interacting with Slack on average 120 minutes a day and taking over five billion actions a week. Slack said its paid customer base was more than 177,000 in August 2021.

The winner of this competition? You. There are two excellent collaboration platforms from which to choose, both of which are constantly getting better as new features are added. But making that choice isn’t easy. In fact, some enterprises have effectively chosen not to choose. To make your decision a little easier, let us compare Slack and Teams for enterprises in six categories:

1) Interface and Usability

2) Integrations

3) Mobile and browser apps

4) Security

5) Compliance and Enterprise Management

6) Pricing.

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