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Video Surveillance Systems

DDS can provide the perfect security solution for your business. Our client story at Middletowne Apartments shows how we make this possible.

MIDDLETOWN APARTMENTS is one of the largest complexes located in the heart of Seguin, Texas. Managing

the complex is Monica Sullivan.

A year ago Monica came to DDS to find a solution for security issues she had been dealing with for a while. What were they?

Testimonials -Monica

The Problem

Monica explained to DDS the breaches in the complex's security system which led to problems such as theft/burglary of resident vehicles, illegal dumping, and costly property damages which, after one incident, totaled $6000.


She also explained about the insufficient security at the complex swimming pool, which posed a safety concern for residents. DDS

quickly identified Monica's needs, but there were challenges. 

The Challenges

The lack of electrical power to the areas needing security cameras was one challenge. The size of the property presented others such as the inability to pull wires all throughout the property, and some buildings being difficult to get to. 

However, DDS implemented a practical solution to care for Monica's needs.


The Solution

Despite her unique situation, DDS provided a practical solution tailored to fit Monica's needs. A wireless, cloud based security system was provided her, which included high definition cameras with motion detection, full accessibility on any mobile device, and advanced capture and playback abilities.


The result has been complete elimination of any property damage, improved security of resident parking areas, and reduction of illegal dumping. 

Testimonials - Monica 2

We have the Nest and the Blink (security systems). They're easy to use..I use them both every single day.

See Monica's full interview

DDS Has The Solution For All of Your Security Needs.

Whatever your situation may be, we have the solution! With our years of experience of security system supply and installation, we can provide tailor-made solutions to fit all of your security needs.


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